In Love with Copenhagen

I had a pending visit to my best friend who lives in Copenhagen, we havent seen each other in years and it was time to get ready, start packing and finally travel to Copenhagen.

Since the very first moment you get to the airport you will feel a very warm welcome, a lot of people was waiting for their loved ones holding little danish flags and my friend Mari was waiting for me holding beautiful flowers.Nyhavn

I read in advance about Copenhagen, so the name of the streets were familiar to me, but I tried to pronounce them and it was difficult, the Danish language sounds a bit complicated.

Mari took me to the most popular places around Copenhagen, the first day we went to Nyhavn, a place out of a postcard with its multicoloured buildings, it is well known because there is a canal and you can take boat tours to see the most important places in the city, like for example: Christiansborg Palace, The Old Stock Exchange, The Black Diamond, Rosenborg Palace, Kastellet, The little Mermaid and The Opera House. After the tour boat we decided to look for a place to have lunch, in Nyhavn there were many places to choose from and it was in a gothic style restaurant that I tried the black bread for the very first time. I had a dish with a variety of fish, including smoked salmon, it was absolutely nice. Nyhavn at night is beautiful, it is the perfect place for the ones who are in love and want to have a romantic dinner with candlelights.

The second day we went to the Frederiskborg castle which is like a fairy tale castle, incredibly beautiful, it is a danish jewel!, it has an art gallery with many paintings and scuptures, in the old times the castle would be the perfect place for big celebrations.

Copenhagen is a good place for shopping, and there is a street called Stroget where you can find the most popular designer shops and the best brands. After shopping if you want to have a rest the place to go is called La Glace, the oldest bakery in Copenhagen, they have the most delicious cakes and special teas.La Glace..Yummi Cakes!!

We spent our last day visiting Tivoli, a place not only for children but for grown ups as well, the park is located in the middle of Copenhagen and it has stunning gardens, there is a variety of restaurants, the buildings have their own special style.Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and at night becomes like a magical place because of the lights effects all around the park. Walt Disney visited Tivoli years ago and it is here where he had the inspiration to build Disneyland in the United States.

I will go back to Copenhagen soon, thats for sure, and again with my best friend have fun and enjoy of all the things that make this city so special.


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