Something about Venice

 One of my favourite places to spend a short break is the city of Venice, so enchanting, rich in culture and romantic, it is a small city with so many beautiful places to visit and many things to do.

When you start looking for a place where to stay it will be clear that most of the hotels in Venice are expensive and it is a bit of a headache to be walking up and down bridges with your luggage looking for your hotel, in fact when you arrive to Venice you will see more than one person doing it!. But there is always a second option, and I decided to stay in the outskirts of the city, there are many hotels and you will find out that they dont cost as much as staying in Venice itself.

View from the Grand Canal

The Crown Plaza located in Quarto D’Altino is ten minutes away from Venice Marco Polo Airport (they have a free shuttle but you have to book it in advance) and its location is convenient as there is a train station just 5 minutes walk from the hotel and it takes between 15 – 20 minutes to get to St Lucia train station in Venice. The hotel has very friendly staff, it is very clean and the guest rooms are big and nicely decorated. The hotel restaurant called Il Campiello offers regional dishes and it has a quiet relaxing atmosphere. I was really pleased with the service, the hotel is lovely and they offer good deal packages.Lovely sea food!

Venice is the perfect place for the ones who like walking as you can easily explore the city by foot, on the other hand you can also use the Vaporetto ( boat bus) if you wish, it connects points along the Grand Canal to the city and islands. There are many churches, palaces, galleries, monuments all around Venice, I planned my own route and discovered how beautiful is to explore all the little streets, go up and down the bridges, see the gondolas passing by, it is a city you will fall in love with, and as you keep on walking suddenly you will be in front of the famous Piazza San Marco with stunning views of the Basilica and the Campanile. I do recommend you to have lunch at the restaurant in the Hotel Concordia located in Piazza San Marco, they have a good selection of pizzas and sea food. Also near San Marco it is ‘Harrys Bar’ a well known place to have a drink called Bellini which was invented there and it is a place that for years always has famous Hollywood visitors, so who knows and you get to see one of your favourite actors or singers there.IMG_0249

In the neighborhood of Santa Croce it is the Museo di Storia Naturale, a place you should visit specially if you are travelling with children as they have a huge exhibition of fish and whales, and near the museum there is a little ice cream shop called ‘Bar Rosa’ where we tried peach and tiramisu icecream, you will definitely have the best icecream in Venice.The Gondola experience is a must for everybody, but specially for the ones in love that want to have a special moment hearing one of their favourite Italian songs. Shopping in Venice is a luxury, you will find the best in fashion and the best brands, but something really unique are the shops selling Murano glass and the shops where the Venetian masks are made and you can actually see people painting them.

Ca d'Oro

If you are looking for a city break then Venice is one of the places I would suggest because you can spend two or three days exploring the city and if you wish you want it to be a long holiday then you could take the train and visit cities like Verona, the Lake Garda and Milan.


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  1. arqlanderos
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 00:16:13

    Tu post me recordó la primera vez que fui a Venecia, qué ciudad!, super romántica , ya veo por que tantos artistas se inspiraron para hacer sus pinturas, espero algún día volver a tan bonita ciudad!


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