Sardinia is in my Heart.

It is getting colder in the UK, the summer is  gone so my family and I decided to spend holidays somewhere still warm and sunny, somewhere we have not been before. I have always wanted to visit Sardinia and I have kept a picture book about the island for years, I have been in love with the beaches without knowing them so I reserved the flights, hotel, rented a car, started to polish up my Italian and got ready to travel to Sardinia.Il Refugio D'Ogliastra

Our destination was the city of Jerzu which is on the East Coast of the island, it took 2 hours drive from Cagliari Airport to Jerzu and we stayed in the Hotel Rifugio d’Ogliastra, a hotel sorrounded by mountains, nature and not far from the beaches.

If you are looking for a peaceful place where to stay then this hotel is the one for you, the rooms are spacious and immaculate clean, they have a balcony with stunning views of the mountains and the hotel restaurant offers a good variety of pizzas, we tried the cowboy pizza, the four cheese and the sausages and chips pizza and all of them were lovely. The sea food is a must, as it is fresh and really tasty, and if you want to try something typical of the region you should try eating goat, it was my very first time eating goat and they cooked it beautifully with roasted potatoes, and do not forget to try the Sardinian beer and for dessert try ‘Seadas’ which is made of cheese, honey and lemon zest, it is absolutely gorgeous.

View from my bedroom balcony.

The hotel is near the town of Ulassai where you can visit a big cave called ‘The Grotta Su Murmuri’, it takes one hour to tour the cave and we really enjoyed to see the bats flying freely in their habitat, the cave is a very famous one in Europe. When driving around Ulassai, Osini, Gairo and Ussassai you will recognize something unique, the ‘tacchi’ or ‘heels’ of Ogliastra. The ‘tacchi’ are limestone rocks and their name comes from the heel shape that they have, many visitors come to Ogliastra to practice climbing and trekking in the mountains.

La Grotta Su Murmuri

It is easy to drive to the beaches of Tortoli and Santa Maria Navarrese, they are about 40 minutes away from Jerzu, the beaches in Sardinia are all beautiful and are famous because of the pristine sea water and enchanting landscape. You could also stop at Arbatax to go for a walk and see the ‘Red Rocks’. We really enjoyed driving so we decided to head further to the north to a beach called Cala Gonone, it took about 2 hours to get there, we loved the mountain scenery and we saw pigs, goats and cows walking along the road, and before the city of Dorgali you will find the sign post for Cala Gonone, a small but beautiful beach and harbour, from here you can hire boats to explore isolated beaches and caves in the Gulf of Orosei.

Santa Maria Navarresse Beach

I wished I could have stayed longer in the island, there are so many places to visit and I am planning to go back next year, Sardinia is an island waiting to be explored and I feel like I brought a little piece of Sardinia inside my heart.


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  1. glen1327
    Nov 17, 2013 @ 20:54:53

    I want to go there too. Do you had anything photo which taken photo at tradition market or street?


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