A date with my husband and Dirty Soul


The Beatleweek in Liverpool is a must event for all Beatles fans. With many bands from the UK and around the world coming to perform in the city it is a huge celebration. I was especially waiting for Dirty Soul, a Peruvian Beatles Tribute band. They came for the very first to Liverpool last year and I am a big fan. The band already has many followers in the UK, and many like me have been waiting to see them again in Beatleweek 2015. Dirty Soul won the contest as the ‘Best Latin American Band in 2013 in Argentina and also Carmen Calle won the best drummer award.

I have been following Dirty Soul via their Facebook page and via The Cavern Club web site, so I knew they were invited to participate in the Beatleweek this year. They are special to me because they are from my homeland and I have promised myself to see them every time they come to Liverpool. I was looking forward to go to see them with my husband but because of work he wasn’t sure about coming with me.

Finally it was Wednesday afternoon, I made plans to leave work early and just before leaving the office my husband texted me. He was on his way to Liverpool as he left work early too, that made me very happy as we were going to have a ‘Beatles Date’ with Dirty Soul. We arrived to the Cavern Pub a bit early and I had the opportunity to greet the members of the band. I was feeling a bit shy to approach them because they were busy getting ready for their performance.

Dirty Soul performed for about one hour, with people of all ages dancing and singing along. The Cavern Pub became a ‘tardis’ with Dirty Soul, they have the music power in them, the Beatlemania is alive, and thanks to them we had a unique Beatles experience. I remember my husband whispering in my ear: ‘Wow they are amazing’.


I could not leave without greeting Carmen Calle in person, she is the drum player in the band and I waited patiently for her after the show, as I wanted to say hi and have a picture taken with her. She is a lovely pretty lady and has many followers herself. I loved the tshirt she was wearing, it said : ‘Yes, I am the drummer, yes I am a woman’.

Thank you very much to Dirty Soul for bringing rock and roll and happiness to this side of the world. You are definitely ‘The Peruvian Beatles Ambassadors’, great musicians with great hearts. It meant a lot to me to see you again and my husband is already a fan too!, many thanks guys, you are fabulous. I am sure you will be back to Liverpool, so see you again soon!!.


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