Loving the food in Corfu


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Sea Food so yummi!

It is always difficult to go back to my normal routine at home after the holidays. I keep looking at pictures and videos with my husband of our great days in Corfu, and one of the many things we miss is the food. The first time I tried Greek food was in a restaurant in England long time ago and I liked it very much. So in Corfu I forgot about the diet, all I wanted was to experience the Greek gastronomy.

One of the things I loved was the variety of fresh products, like fruit, fresh sea food, the famous feta cheese and the olive oil. Most people have houses with massive gardens where they have olive trees and lemon trees. So it is common to see people selling their own products and put a sign at the front door.

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If you are a sea food lover like me then Corfu island has so many good restaurants that offer sea food, especially in Paleokastritsa where my husband had this huge plate with deep fried sea food. The plate was big enough for two people, served with fresh lemon, and it had calamari, sea bass, king prawns, white bait, it was amazing!. My husband shared his plate with me and I also ordered something typical from the island. Our tour guide suggested something called ‘Sofrito’ and its a dish made of beef marinated in lots of garlic, white wine, condiments and herbs. It was served with white rice and I absolutely loved it. Something you see in the menus a lot is the Moussakas and lamb based casseroles. There is pasta dishes and pizzas for children, as well as ‘Gyros’ which is like a doner kebab, it is pita bread stuffed with pork, tzatziki sauce and chips. This is one of the children favourite.

My husband was obsessed with eating Baclava, which is a dessert made of honey soaked filo pastry with walnuts, well to be honest we all would eat Baclavas everyday, even at breakfast time. It was in Corfu where I discovered the Frappé, cold instant coffee mixed in a blender with sugar and milk. Something I enjoyed was the Iced Frappé, this is served with icecream and is absolutely good, the mixture of strong coffee and icecream is perfect. There are many café places in Kerkyra Town where you can try Frappé.

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Frappe in Paleokastritsa Town

Greeks are very good at baking cakes, and when passing near a bakery I would always be tempted to get desserts like lemon pie, custard pie, rice pudding and baclava.

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Kumquat Oranges

Corfu has it’s own speciality liqueur called Kumquat which is made of mini Chinese oranges, brought from far away Asia and grown in Greek soil. Also there is a liqueur called Ouzo which is made with anise seeds. Kumquat and Ouzo are often served as aperitif at dinner time. We did a tour around Corfu and we visited a Kumquat shop where we tried a few liqueurs and decided it would be a nice gift for the family so we brought some bottles back home.

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Kumquat from Corfu

I cant wait to go back to Greece and next time would be to explore another island. Thank you beautiful Greece!.


Uncle Tetsu’s is fabulous!

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The one and only Japanese Cheesecake

For many years I have been a big fan of the classic American Cheesecake, which is something you cannot find easily in England. So everytime I travel to the United States I look for a place that sells the delicious cheesecake. I wouldn’t imagine any other cheesecake better than the American one, but since coming back from Canada I have a new favourite cheesecake. In Toronto there is a place where they have a unique tasty cheesecake and it is called Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Angel café. I was having a walk around Toronto City Centre with my niece and nephew when we saw the shop located in Dundas Street.

I remember we saw this guy with a paper bag of Uncle Tetsus in an icecream parlour, and he was the one telling us how much he loves it and gave us the address.

Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake was born in 1985 in Hakata, Japan. The cheesecake is very soft in texture, it is not so sweet and this is good as this makes you enjoy the delicate cheese taste. In Toronto there are four Uncle Tetsus cafés, which shows how popular and successful Uncle Tetsus cheesecake is. I went to the one in Dundas Street and the first thing that caught my eye was the cute character that appears in the shop logo which is a chubby angel holding a heart in one hand and a cheesecake in the other. This logo is the one that also is stamped in the cheesecake itself.

Cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu, Food, Dessert, Japan

And the cheesecake comes inside this bag.

I have seen videos in You Tube of people queuing to get cheesecake early in the morning, and maybe I was lucky because I didn’t need to queue when I went. It is interesting to see the staff making the cheesecake, and this shows you that the product is definitely fresh. The cheesecake costs CAD10,00 Canadian Dollars which is about GBP 6,00, and it can be shared between a party of 5 or 6 people, unless you like it so much that you decide to keep it for yourself.

Uncle Tetsus is very popular in Asia and expanding not only in Canada (there is four shops in Toronto) but also in the USA, Indonesia and Brazil. I really hope they open shops in the United Kingdom soon too.

Peruvian Alfajores on Valentine’s Day

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Its Valentines day and my husband and I celebrate it our own way. We don’t like spending money on expensive gifts and instead we like to do simple special things. Yesterday when I arrived home from work, my husband got these beautiful roses for me and I thought of doing something special for him too.

My husband and I love Alfajores, they are a traditional dessert in Peru, and I wanted to surprise my husband by making them for Valentine’s Day. Alfajores are two biscuits (sometimes up to three) put together and filled with toffee fudge (‘dulce de leche’ in Spanish). They became popular in South America with the arrival of the Spaniards and the word ‘Alfajor’ has Arabic roots as it refers to the filling inside the biscuits. Most alfajores are filled with dulce de leche, but others are filled even with chocolate fudge or nutella. Alfajores are usually round but as you can see in the picture I made the heart shaped version.

In Peru you can find many different types of Alfajores, the biscuits could be made with sweet potato flour or corn flour, it depends on the region. For example in the North of Peru you will find what is called ‘King Kong’ a giant rich alfajor filled with dulce de leche (called ‘Manjarblanco’ by Peruvians), fruit jam and peanuts. In Argentina the production of Alfajores is massive, and they are made in cities like Santa Fe, Cordoba, Tucuman and Mar de Plata. Alfajores are also produced in Chile, Colombia,Costa Rica and Mexico.

Alfajores are always delicious together with a cup of coffee. So now you know about alfajores and remember to try them when you visit South America.

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