Peruvian Alfajores on Valentine’s Day

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Its Valentines day and my husband and I celebrate it our own way. We don’t like spending money on expensive gifts and instead we like to do simple special things. Yesterday when I arrived home from work, my husband got these beautiful roses for me and I thought of doing something special for him too.

My husband and I love Alfajores, they are a traditional dessert in Peru, and I wanted to surprise my husband by making them for Valentine’s Day. Alfajores are two biscuits (sometimes up to three) put together and filled with toffee fudge (‘dulce de leche’ in Spanish). They became popular in South America with the arrival of the Spaniards and the word ‘Alfajor’ has Arabic roots as it refers to the filling inside the biscuits. Most alfajores are filled with dulce de leche, but others are filled even with chocolate fudge or nutella. Alfajores are usually round but as you can see in the picture I made the heart shaped version.

In Peru you can find many different types of Alfajores, the biscuits could be made with sweet potato flour or corn flour, it depends on the region. For example in the North of Peru you will find what is called ‘King Kong’ a giant rich alfajor filled with dulce de leche (called ‘Manjarblanco’ by Peruvians), fruit jam and peanuts. In Argentina the production of Alfajores is massive, and they are made in cities like Santa Fe, Cordoba, Tucuman and Mar de Plata. Alfajores are also produced in Chile, Colombia,Costa Rica and Mexico.

Alfajores are always delicious together with a cup of coffee. So now you know about alfajores and remember to try them when you visit South America.

One Nail Drives Out Another

It is the beginning of a new year and many are still looking for the love of their lives, some are still just single and some are recovering of a break up but whatever the situation is, they have decided to start dating again, yes it is time to leave the past behind and forget about the Ex – the person who for many reasons isnt welcomed in your heart anymore.

The experience of a break up it is very painful when someone has been very much in love, and it is difficult to get the Ex of the head, it takes time to forget and the process of forgetting someone also depends of what happened in the relationship for this one to end. When I was single after a break up, one of my friends once told me : ‘one nail drives out another’, and this is a Latin phrase which means to start dating a new man in order to forget the Ex, but my response to this would be that I did not believe in that. Well, after a while I realized I was wrong and actually my friends advice would be the best advice I had when it came to dating.

Why keep on crying for someone who doesnt deserve me?, all the drama had to stop and one day I started going out with my friends again, I almost forgot how good was to spend time with good friends who really cared about me, we would go to the pub or de discoteque together just to have fun and not to ‘hunt’ for men, it was time to enjoy the present and leave the Ex in the past. But it is actually when you are not hunting for men when someone special suddenly appears, you never imagined it, it just happens and it happened to me. One day I was out with my friends, again in the same discoteque, I was dancing by myself, enjoying the music when I had a feeling of someone watching me from far way, I have always been short sighted so no idea who that person was and all I could see was the shadow of this man who started to approach and is now in front of me and very politely asking me if I would like to dance with him. I had already declined dancing requests to other men but how to say no to someone with a Troll Doll hair style ( you may remember them from the 80’s) that made him look weird but at the same time cute, and in just seconds automatically the name of my Ex was filed in the past.

Even though the cute Troll look alike was not the love of my life we dated, shared nice moments together and made me realize how important is to love myself. It is not fair to be in pain after a break up, and it is not fair to feel unhappy and close our hearts to a new love, so ‘one nail drives out another’ could be the answer for those who are still hunted by their Ex’s ghost if this one is still reappering and giving you nightmares.

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